June journal writing – Morogoro, Tanzania

October 19th, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I’m currently at Nashera (hotel), and it’s pouring, this is the most substantial rain I have experienced here. I love the rain – the smell, the chill it leaves in the air, the purification process it performs on everything it touches. This place, Morogoro, Tanzania, in the winter is a product of the rain. It’s rich and lush with a variety of plants and explosions of color.

After living in draught-burdened Southern California, I’m not sure any place should be allowed to have this much rain. I remember an earlier time when California was this lush.

The hotel is desert-light and dark brown. The roof is shingled and tropical looking. The pool is large, kidney-shaped and a young woman runs across the pool area in her bathing suit. She is drenched. Nashera is one of the bigger hotels in the area. It’s billed as a business hotel. The outside dining area, filled with white and black customers has an energy that is electric. There is a group of six, women sitting across from me. I can’t make out their accent. They seem to be speaking English, but I’m not sure of their native language, maybe German.

I have been here an hour. Not yet received my food, but the rain is stopping. It would be nice if it dried up enough to sit by the pool for a while. I’m tired and don’t know where else to go after this. Alice invited me to Drag’s, the local restaurant for a game of pool. It was an olive branch. I have turned down most evenings to go home and go to bed early. All of the managers and volunteers are together all of the time. I’m using to being on my own, but for safety reasons, that’s not possible.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I’m at a Christian Center waiting for the Raleigh volunteers to arrive. We (The Team Leaders and managers) will be greeting them, assigning rooms, jobs and training will begin today. Everything that has happened since we came here has led to this moment.

Raleigh International - PVolunteers arriving

Raleigh International – volunteers arriving

Raleigh International - PVolunteers arriving

Raleigh International – volunteers arriving

Raleigh International - PVolunteers arriving

Raleigh International – volunteers arriving 

The volunteers pour out of the buses, and everyone helps. There is a flurry of color and activity. I love the abstract patterns made by streams of people carrying bags. Some of the young people look lost and confused. Some are excited and ready to go. It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds over the next couple of months.

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  1. lutimo says:

    That is so sweet…when i see these pictures i remember all experiences i passed through when i was a team leader @Raleigh international in Tanzania.

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