Art and sitting in a house in Pioneer Town

At the Bunny House – art resident house in Pioneer Town I’m here as a guest of Zoe Childerley and art in resident and it’s owners  – Sarah and Steve Bardwell.

It’s quiet and beautiful and at the moment a relief from the crowded and temporarily over-populated house I live in. No one is here. Zoe will be back soon. This is a place where art is made. This is a place where you have the space to dream, think, contemplate, reflect. It’s not that my house doesn’t have this. Just not today. Today, I am reflecting on people I know and how we all get caught up in our own beliefs, particularly about ourselves. We think we are more spiritual than we are. We think we are loving, and we aren’t always loving. We think we are fat, ugly, plain, thick, bright, not smart enough, and all of those things are relative. So, what is real and how do we keep ourselves from falling into the quicksand of impossible thoughts? No easy answer. I takes work and a constant knowing that falling off mark is just a step away.

I am inspired by all the efforts I see to improve. I am inspired by all the books, all the found objects, all the things people collect, and give away. I am inspired by the rustle of the wind. I am inspired by the quiet which is never really there. I am inspired as I sit here in the Bunny House writing, working on my projects and waiting for Zoe to return.

Current work

I have been interviewing artists who are currently in and have been in the Joshua Tree Highlands Residency Program. They are smart, creative, and interesting. I’m writing an article about the program for the San Bernardino Arts Connection.

What is art?

Alfredo Barsuglia - artist resident 2012

Alfredo Barsuglia – artist resident 2008

Art is indulgent but Art makes us more human, not less. It is a way of accessing the Divine, a way of seeing deeply into life, a way of interpreting life, a way of harnessing beauty, appreciation, objectivity and sometimes clarity. Art moves humanity to a higher consciousness, but it guarantees nothing. We can’t loose art in schools. We can’t make it so precious it isn’t understood. We can’t grow remote and untouchable. That would be a shame.

Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree 2014

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Wedding photography – Loving it!!

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