One run for Boston – The runners from the High desert

Laurel running

Laurel running

One Run For Boston

Hello everyone. The relay – One Run For Boston is getting very close. 1:00 tomorrow, (Sunday, March 16). I have begun to photograph some of the local runners and listen to their stories. I am so moved by the dedication evident in the people I’m meeting.

I will post my black and white photos of the runners as I take them and tell some of the storIes. Check the One Run For Boston Website for more photos and more stories. Between the two you will get the whole picture.

I am not posting in the correct order, but in as I get the photos. I will be leaving the route to get an interview and return to the route to shoot the passing of the baton.

Since the relay hasn’t started I have been photographing the runners in my area.

Jennifer Mihalcin, running stage 16, will get the baton from Molly Thorpe sometime around 8:00 at Willy Boy’s in Morongo Valley and will hand it over to Don Talbot in Yucca Valley at around 10:00 PM. If you want to see the handing over of the baton at either end you can go to the One Run For Boston Website:, and get the exact location.

Jen, a Yucca Valley resident, ran last year and will again this year with three of her friends (Samantha Jones, Lindsey Hermanson, and Michelle Andrade)

“I’m doing something I love and helping other people. I never thought I could do that,” she said.

Jen said her family, her husband Jason, Ava 8, Emma 6, Caroline 4, and Callan 2 are the biggest support she has. “They were with me last year supporting our entire run, but won’t be this year because our Yucca leg will be after their bedtime on a school night.”

“There are many reasons why they motivate and inspire me to run.  I have found more meaning in running since having kids because it’s my way to center and focus myself so I can be a better parent.  It’s my way of taking care of myself physically and mentally, again making me a better, stronger parent.  They are my cheerleaders.  They make signs and little notes that I run with, and I know they are proud of the things I accomplish in my running.  As a stay at home mother for the last 8 years, there are times when you feel like you lose yourself in your children.  Running has given something back to me.  It’s a place to have goals and find success.  Each of my children have been my running partner at some point either in the jogger stroller and more recently running beside me for shorter distances.  My girls and I recently did our first 5k together.  Being able to share my love of running with them is so awesome.  I hope they find the same joy and peace as I find in it.  As parents we want to be good examples to our children and running is one of the ways I try to do that.

Jen at home two days before the relay

Jen at home two days before the relay


One Run for Boston

Its official. I am going on the road with the One Run for Boston relay

One Run For Boston begins March 16 at Palisades Park

 Here is the link:

The relay was setup to support those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing. It’s in its second year and going strong. I will travel with the relay and document the event. I’ll post daily.

Looking forward to seeing you all as we travel from state to state and reading your comments and cheers.

Follow along.