Animal Talk – a new show on the radio

This email came from my friend Jenny Rabinowitz. She has her own radio show and I think it’s worth you catching. Her focus and information is here. I hope you tune in.
Dear folks,
My show, “Animal Talk”, is a new KSFR program ( about our relationship to other species, as reflected in our policies, both stated and unstated.  In the six months the program has aired, a variety of issues have been covered.  For example, guests have included:
  • NM Attorney General Gary King on litigation he initiated to halt effort to bring commercial horse slaughter to NM;
  • National expert Peter Marsh on innovative approach to spay & neuter and reducing shelter overpopulation/euthanasia;
  • Allie Philips, Director of the National Center for the Prosecution of Animal Abuse of the National District Attorneys Association.
The programs are available here as podcasts:
Throughout 2014 Animal Talk will focus on, among other things, the overpopulation of unwanted animals in New Mexico’s shelters.  To date, that series has included interviews with shelter directors; the chair of the Animal Sheltering Board;  animal overpopulation expert, Peter Marsh; and private rescue organizations.  I have invited legislators to the program and the NM Veterinary Association to their perspective on NM’s ineffective spay/neuter policies.
As this is a new program, I am reaching out to you all to make a donation — $10 is fine, but $100 is better — to KSFR in the name of “Animal Talk”.  It is vitally important to support “Animal Talk” by making a donation.
I will be doing a live show on Friday, March 14th, starting at 4:30PM.  Would you each consider making a donation, however small?  It will help keep the program on the air, which helps animals by publicizing our policies towards them.
The call-in number for people out of state is: 866, 905, KSFR.
The number for people in-state is: 505, 428,1393.

New Directions

2014 is turning out to be an incredible, exciting year. So much is happening around and with my writing, and my art: new publishing sources, gallery shows, and new people to meet and collaborate with.

This shift has made me stop and reflect on my original purpose for this Blog. It was called Take HeART because it was about listening to my heart’s desires and living a loving and creative life. In the three years since I started this blog that has manifested in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

I’m writing now to give you a snapshot of what is to come.

This blog is again dedicated to a creative heart-felt life. There will be more writing and photographs, and more involvement in what is happening around me. I want to use this blog to introduce you to all the beautiful people I have been meeting that are stepping up and embracing life in unique ways. Some of these people are making changes by talking about hard subjects, like Animal rights. Some of them are putting their dreams into actions — raising money for the victims of the Boston Marathon. Some of them like Eva Soltes, are setting up residency programs to support other creative people. Some of them, like Tino Luciano is setting up production companies and making films. There is exciting writing, radio shows, art shows, and new topics to write about. This is my focus and I invite you to come along.

I have so enjoyed the great variety of creative expressions I see around me. I am looking forward to bringing these people and their deeds to you.

Please feel free to comment, participate in any of the conversations, and let me know what you are doing. Jump on, enjoy and Take HeART.

Two people in the Big Morongo Canyon

Two people in the Big Morongo Canyon

The Mojave Desert is beautiful

I had the opportunity to fly over the Mojave. It’s beautiful. A place to cherish and steward.


IMG_5542 IMG_5538 IMG_5526 IMG_5468