Common Ground

When will we find common ground? What is common ground?
Common ground for me is Compassion. It’s Empathy. It’s not necessarily thinking like everyone else or acting the same. I hope that never happens. I don’t believe we will ever find common ground if we separate ourselves out from ideas we don’t agree with.
Political Segregation

I read an article in the Economist called the Big Sort, about Americans increasingly choosing to live among like-minded neighbors.
I have a thought about living with like minded people, Republicans or Democrats, rich or poor, white, black, Oriental, etc…, I don’t want to. I may be shocked by someone else’s views, but I’ll get over it and I’ll learn something. Isolation and judgment is exactly what I see in the conservative attitude that I don’t need to foster in myself.
After reading the High country News – Great Minds Think Alike, in The Goat Blog by Emily Guerin, it had me thinking. Do great minds think alike? Can we become great by shutting the door on other ideas no matter what those ideas are?
What is everyone so afraid of? Isn’t this country based on the idea of diversity, free thinking, the constitution and all that stuff? These ideas where inspired and even in that group of extraordinary men there was diversity, conflict, and controversy.

We must find common ground. We complain about the political battling going on, but do we realize it is only a reflection of what’s going on in ourselves. Our attitudes are reflected in congress. We voted for the people we are complaining about. How can we think they don’t represent us?

After the election – who knows

Looking out a bus window – Lubbock, Texas

Everything is shifting after the elections. No one is sure of anything. I’m glad Obama won, but don’t really know where he is at. He is a bit elusive to me.

From Nick Juliano and John McArdle, E&E reporters

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2012

President Obama’s re-election is being welcomed by environmental groups and oil companies alike — albeit for starkly different reasons.

Environmentalists are optimistic that a second term will bring renewed focus on the perils of climate change and an aggressive government response. But the oil and natural gas industry hopes the re-elected president follows through on his campaign trail calls for exploiting U.S. fossil fuel reserves as a way to grow the economy.

The divergent expectations raise the question: Which Obama will show up after Inauguration Day?


Flowery Branch, Georgia. The Dog was acting up and the authorities were called in.

Flowery Branch, Georgia. The Dog was acting up and the authorities were called in.


As the fierce, unexpected, October storms ravage the eastern part of this country, I am home in Joshua Tree writing with two other people and personally thinking about the weather. Here, it’s calm and beautiful, 66 degrees and little wind. For me that temperature brings a bit of a chill, but it’s nothing to get excited about. Inside the house I have lit a fire. There is a stillness in the room that’s inviting and comforting, and a timeless familiarity about being in this room with other people and writing. I think this room is made for creative expression. It’s the 22 foot ceilings, the silence of the area, the neutral colors, all of the above.

I signed up for another writing class today. This one is for writing about nature, but I see it as experienced writers who want to learn more. As I read their writing, I felt intimidated. I’m the beginner in this group, but I let the thoughts pass quickly. There is nothing to be served by comparing their writing to mine. Much better to read their writing and learn from it.

The writers in this class write about nature. I write about people. These writers have experience in nature, scientific and environmental writing. Dare I say, out of my league? Time to read more, learn more.

In this house, the quiet envelops me like a big quilted blanket. Robin is sleepy, Georgie looks content with his piece of paper and pen. I’m tapping away on my computer, not as fresh with ideas as I had been this morning.

Back to the weather. Every few minuets I get an email from the SEJ network about the weather, and in particular storm Sandy who is rushing in from the Atlantic through the eastern states and up into Canada. They call her Frankenstorm. Not a very comforting moniker. Her name comes from the way the air currents are moving back and forth creating up to 100 mile an hour winds. People are being evacuated and we are all waiting. Waiting for what? For the worst to happen, for the worst to end, for nature to teach us one of it’s many lessons? Why do we never listen? If we were to listen, how should we respond?