Salt Lake City

Pauguitch, Utah

My fifth day here and loving it. I’ve seen a lot of the city: churches, Whole Foods, Starbucks, City Hall, Gateway, Union Station, the visitors center, historic houses, and Antelope Island.

Tomorrow I”ll head to Park City. Going to go Cross County Skiing. it’s a first. More on this after I have had the experience.

Traveling alone is always a challenged and yet I do so much traveling by myself. On this journey i have felt more grounded and capable than I have in the past. The GPS on my phone is a true blessing and I have become a collector of travel brochures.

I went through the little town in this picture after I left Bryce and headed back on the 15 to Salt Lake. That was last Friday. Feels like years ago.

Zion National Park

Utah – Current Journey

Antelope Island – There are over 600 Bison on this Island.