A Path of the Heart

Beyond ego, beyond commitment, beyond learning

Into the ordinary day to day of existence

Into the depth of your own heart

Through the haze and maze

Through the fear and confusion

Through the noise and the distractions

Beyond silence

Beyond desire

If you choose this journey your course is out of your hands

If you choose this you must pay attention to your heart with no exception

Nothing else serves.

Your choice must be made over time.

It must be made in the depth of process and again in the comfort of life.

It must be made day by day when the feelings are swirling and there is nothing to catch you.

You will be asked to listen beyond listening, to move quickly past the resistance and trust your heart implicitly.

You will be asked to walk as no other. There are no incentives. Relax with your decision. Allow it to be. The words may be spoken but the decision must be made over and over again until there is no turning back.

We have no judgment of your path. We beseech you to loose all judgment of yourself.

In the levels of heart that you seek to enter there is no judgment. There is no place or position. There is only the quiet but loudly persuasive song of the heart.